Lipton Clear Green: Way Forward
Maha Mourad: Associate Professor of Marketing
Mai El Qersh: Case Writer
Food and Beverages
December 2016
Lipton Clear Green is a vitalizing, refreshing beverage that gained access to the Egyptian market in 2006. It is the best-selling green tea brand in Egypt. However, the latest Lipton Clear Green (LCG) Consumer Report recommended that LCG needed to refine its target market and positioning. Further, Lipton’s executive group was dissatisfied with LCG’s current market share (60%). With this in mind, Jane Lawrie, Lipton’s newly appointed brand manager who is responsible for LCG, decided to gather her team for a lengthy meeting to set next year’s marketing communication plan that would solve the above-mentioned problems. Such plan needed to be broken down into a specific marketing activation platform and communication tools to support the achievement of the marketing objectives. The case presents an overview on the green tea industry in Egypt and the major players in this industry. The information available in the case helps students set an Integrated Marketing Communication plan. Also they can use the information to create a marketing program and a comprehensive marketing plan for Lipton Clear Green brand.
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