Olives: The Taste of Lebanon with a “Twist”
Aliaa Bassiouny:
Manar K. El-Batrawy:
Food and Beverages
June 2016
Case setting is inside Olives, which despite its success in creating its brand name and capturing a significant number of customers, is facing challenges regarding its future expansion and financing alternatives. The case examines an example of a successful entrepreneur in Egypt and the key drivers to his/her success, the process through which he/she goes and the strategic decisions of timing and financing future expansion. The protagonist is Olives’ CEO Mr. Ayman Shaikhun, who has proven to be a successful entrepreneur that managed to grow and success in the unstable political and economic environment of Egypt. The case follows through the history of Olives and the owner, presenting the start-up and growth of Olives. It then moves on to outline the operations and financial standing of the business over the period of 2010-2014, where despite the Egyptian revolution and the instability of the country, the business managed to overcome the obstacles ahead of its sustainability.
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