Transferring World Athletic Championship-Winning Principles to Entrepreneurship: The Case of Abdelkader El Mouaziz
Abderrahman Hassi:
Khoula Zitouni:
Omar Bacadi:
June 2016
Abdelkader El Mouaziz is a renowned award-winning Moroccan athlete notably recognized for leading races at the most famous marathons around the globe. While El Mouaziz was running for the Moroccan national team, he spent most of his time training in the mountain hills of the Ifrane-Azrou region, a resplendent area fitting for its altitude, airy cedar forests, and pure refreshing air bordered and hemmed in nature’s stillness and tranquility. The accomplished athlete also displays a strong entrepreneurial spirit. After winning numerous international competitions and officially retiring from competitive running, he left his native Casablanca to return to the Ifrane-Azrou region where he settled and started a small business employing about a handful of individuals from the Atlas region. El Mouaziz wanted to give back by paying tribute to the region that nurtured and helped him in becoming a sport legend. El Mouaziz manages his business the same way he managed his athletic career. In fact, his management style is based on principles inspired and spurred from his professional athletic career. The emergent values include: performance, fair play, competitiveness, perseverance, hard work and collaboration. A unique aspect of El Mouaziz is perceived in the intrinsic and inherent qualities that implicitly define success and enthusiasm, virtues that are noticeably rooted within the man. The present case study pays close attention to his triumphant story and examines how he cultivated the foundations of his management practices from his learned experiences in sportsmanship.
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