Kebab on the Web: A Case Study of Harran Kebap
Ali Acilar:
Çağlar Karamaşa:
online food delivery portal
April 2011
This case study highlights the e-commerce experience of Harran Kebap, a 25- years old small family owned and operated restaurant in Bilecik, Turkey. Harran Kebap offers Turkish cuisine, mainly various kinds of kebab. The owner of the restaurant, Aziz Karaatl, wanted to keep pace with the Internet revolution and made a strategic decision to create a Web presence and start accepting online orders, in addition to his brick and mortar restaurant business. His goals were to increase his sales and profits, and improve service. In 2009, Harran Kebap launched its website and started accepting online orders, facing a major challenge of limited knowledge about e-commerce and computer skills of both the owner and the staff.
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