Magrabi Hospital's JCI Accreditation Journey
Hend Mostafa:
Mohamed Khalaf:
Health Care
December 2016
Management and Leadership
The case covers total quality management and quality culture in the healthcare sector through referring to the journey of Magrabi Hospital to achieve the JCI accreditation. The accreditation helped the hospital to improve its performance, quality of services, and follow the highest patient care standards. Although the JCI accreditation was 3 years ago, many of the hospital employees who attended the first survey of JCI left Magrabi Hospitals as they were sought after by other competitors seeking accreditation and accordingly, new staff are to attend the reaccreditation survey. Accordingly, as the renewing process approaches, Dr. Khalaf was considering how to make the new staff fit easily with the quality culture established in the hospital and which best practices that he should follow from his previous JCI accreditation journey and which pitfalls should he avoid.
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