Company Alpha- The Family Firm Getting Noticed
Hakim meshraki:
November 2018
Management and Leadership
Since its inception in 1972 as a family business, Alpha has been one of Egypt’s leading adhesives suppliers, providing a wide range of high quality bonding solutions for various industries spanning printing and packaging, assembly, woodworking, graphic arts and various other industries. The company manufactured most of its product range in addition to trading some of the products that it currently offered to the Egyptian market as well as other regional markets. The company adopted a TQM system and hence has been ISO certified 9001-2008 and 14001/2004. In 2013, the company was approached by a German Company, Gamma, interested in having a hub within the Middle East. They had chosen Alpha as a potential strategic partner that they could cooperate with. After a long meeting with Eng. Derik, they made an offer to acquire 60% of the company against transferring technology while keeping the same management team. After this proposal, the management of Alpha was confused and conflicted (Kellermanns , et al., 2014) about whether they should go into this venture, or keep the company as is while searching for another company which could supply the ready-made hot melt product without Alpha sacrificing any portion of ownership of their company.
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