Pandemic Wipeout
Haya Bassiouni :
October 2013
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Despite social, economic and political uncertainties which continue to stand in the face of scientific research innovation in Egypt, a group of researchers led by AUC chemistry professor Hassan Azzazy worked day and night on their dream of creating groundbreaking and affordable innovations for Egypt’s most dangerous pandemics. Azzazy and Novel Diagnostics Therapeutics (NDT) achieved a breakthrough test using nanotechnology that helps in the early detection of Hepatitis C; granting Azzazy and his team international recognition. NDT, a multidisciplinary group established five years ago at AUC, provides innovative and affordable solutions to medical problems, focusing on biotechnology, nanotechnology and medical technology. Azzazy described scientific research as a national priority and security issue, criticizing the lack of efforts from the private industry in supporting scientific research and innovation, and asking, when are we going to produce our own products?
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