Education in the 21st Century
Amira Nabil Mekawy:
April 2014
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
ITWorx has preached a commitment to innovation, integrity and quality throughout the years and aspires to sow the seeds of education technology in Egypt. The story of ITWorx began when Wael Amin CEO and co-founder of ITWorx, and some of his colleagues from AUC set up a software company in 1994 which has now grown to become a global software professional services organization. ITWorx has expanded its operations providing software IT services for governments, financial firms, telecommunication operators, media companies and most importantly education institutions. By 2001 it was time for ITWorx to shift their businesses from software services and customized solutions to the mass production of software producers; they connected the dots between its new strategy and its corporate social responsibility by initiating a new educational product. They believe that ITWorx educational products align with Egypt’s vision for education and can help the ministry achieve its goals.
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