Robusta, an Egyptian success story of digital marketing
Arpi Khatcherian:
Digital Marketing
September 2015
Robusta is a digital marketing agency that capitalizes on the growing digital marketing communication industry in Egypt. It specializes in graphic design, digital marketing and mobile apps. The agency’s philosophy is based on sharing information with the community as an educational tool. They put a great emphasis on the culture of sharing within the agency as a tool to empower their stakeholders. Robusta faced a challenge related to novelty and the intangible nature of digital marketing which is lack of awareness about the technical effort that goes into the design of a seemingly simple app. Clients usually do not know what is doable and what is not. Striking a balance between offering high quality services to clients and keeping an eye on timeliness and cash flow are essential components of Robusta. Due to ever evolving technology in the field, Robusta needs to constantly learn how to achieve long term growth and sustainability.
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