Ghabbour Group ERP Deploymen: Learning From Past Technology Failures
M. S. Akabawi:
June 2011
Management Of Information Systems (MOIS)
This case was developed for use as a teaching case for highlighting the fundamental impediments and obstacles in instituting cross-functional CBISs in business operations within the Egyptian business environment and culture. The executive management and the Board of Directors of a Egyptian large trading and manufacturing group, “GB Auto,” in pursuit of securing all the necessary infrastructure platforms and management tools for enabling growth and improving efficiency and effectiveness of the group’s business operation and resources, have thoroughly examined the status of the IS services and their impact on the quality of decision making at all levels of management. The extent of lack of control and effective utilization of the use of resources in the group has been cited by the top management. The reporting system was required to be responsive in order to provide the management with the necessary verifiable and comprehensive information services. Two implementations of ERP systems in the group were duly investigated and reviewed in this case to assess their respective effectiveness and appropriateness in serving these purposes. Various success and failure factors of these two implementations were reviewed, and actions in the post-implementation phase are being researched.
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