EMAink: Can Ink Be Paint?
Hakim meshraki:
July 2019
Management and Leadership
On December 3rd 2016, Mostafa, EMA-INK's CEO, has just finished a meeting with the company's top executives following a month of many changes that had a huge effect on the company's wealth and stability. It has been one month since the central bank of Egypt (www.cbe.org) has announced the devaluation of the Egyptian pound to reach a value of EGP/USD18 up from EGP/USD8.88 which constitutes a tremendous change in the currency exchange rate. The company performance has been very good since its starting with a constant growth from year to year. In 2011, and after the Egyptian revolution, the company sales growth has begun to slow down with the presence of lower-priced competitors and the economic downturn that happened to Egypt. The paints industry prevailed as a lucrative and growing market with numbers showing a positive outlook into the future. The main entry barrier is to develop good formulas that are compatible with mixing machines and remain competitive. Could this be done and can the company develop the know how to suit this?
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