Maha Mourad: Associate Professor of Marketing
Social Network
July 2019
What is Jidari? That is the first question that pops into people's mind when they hear about it. Jidari is a social networking website that enhances the real social life of its users. This is reflected by its slogan: 'Better Together'. Users are in full control of their online social activities, thus protecting their privacy. The company started operating in April 2012, and the first version of Jidari was launched in early 2013. For the network to be successful, it is important for marketers to understand how consumers make purchasing decisions in order to reach them more effectively. Unlike other social media networks, the privacy features on Jidari give the company an edge over its competitors. The second advantage is that Jidari guarantees freedom of speech to all equally, while not tolerating hate speech, incitement, or bullying. Management-wise, the company is also cutting edge; for example it has an open vacation policy. The case presents an overview of social media in Egypt and the major players in the industry. The information available helps students evaluate the positioning strategy and use the information to go through the five main stages of the purchasing decision process. It is crucial to understand what motivates consumers to create an account on a social network and what the elements are that every consumer is looking for in these social networking sites.
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