When Should We Reinvent Well-established Brands
Maha Mourad: Associate Professor of Marketing
Industrial hygienic cleaning
September 2019
Elegance Care is an Egyptian company that was founded 30 years ago as a family enterprise with the goal of providing professional high-quality integrated cleaning services to consumers. The company has gained reputation and successfully established its name over the years. Unlike other professional cleaning service companies in the Egyptian industry, Elegance Care offers a wide scope of services ranging from furniture cleaning, curtain cleaning, home cleaning, construction cleaning and office cleaning. The company is still profitable but there are fewer opportunities for increasing growth rate. So, Elegance care new CMO is thinking about reinventing the well-established company scope and brand in order to be perceived not only as an alternative for other cleaning providers in the country, but also to be perceived as the leading company in the market that offers packages customized and tailored according to the customer's needs in both home care and the corporate market which set the company apart from other alternative in the market. This can be done only after an intensive analysis for the customers' preferences, behaviors and purchasing habits.
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