ChoCo’a: Growth strategy for an established SME
Ashraf A. Mahate:
Sanjai K. Parahoo:
Food and Beverages
June 2016
ChoCo’a is a UAE-based chocolate artisan boutique established in 2004 in the Emirate of Dubai by Assem and Dina Hamzeh. From the very beginning the company believed in “Distinction”, “Indulgence” and “Superiority” and this has been important in ChoCo’a’s own brand positioning. Assem and Dina developed ChoCo’a as a unique concept “one-stop shop” chocolate artisan that produces the finest products from chocolate bars to truffles and pastries - a concept that is still quite unique in the UAE. Their international chefs were encouraged to creatively mix the select base ingredients with premium innovative Oriental and Occidental flavors to create mouth-watering confectioneries that ChoCo’a is reputed for. The new entrepreneurial venture is now well-established within the UAE market. However, the company now needed to develop a new strategy that would take it to the next level and make it a global luxury chocolatier. This was precisely the objective of a presentation Assem was due to make to the management team of ChoCo’a involving specific strategies and action plans to build on its successful first decade in business.
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