Nourpack: Chaos in the Future
Lobna ibrahim:
Ashraf Sheta:
Hashem Ahmed:
Mariam Galal:
Mohamed Refaie:
Nihal Ali:
December 2019
This case is about family business in Egypt, it addresses the business succession and continuity challenges that are faced by Nourpack. Nourpack is an Egyptian manufacturing company for carton made packaging materials. Nourpack was built by Mohamed Galal, with 100% ownership and management, his children are not involved in the business for various reason that will be discussed in the case study. The business future is not very clear and structured, because the owner wants to invest and expand the factory’s operations, however, he can’t do this without his children help. This case will cover Nourpack’s milestones and history, industry growth and prosperous. The case addresses the challenges that are faced by family businesses for example: lack of succession planning, factors that are hindering the business continuity, lack of governance and professionalism. The case study is provided with teaching notes to help and facilitate this case discussion later.
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