"Baheya Hospital's Next Step: Surviving the NGO's Battle for Donations
Maha Mourad: Associate Professor of Marketing
Health Care
January 2020
Baheya is the first center in Egypt specialized in early detection and treatment of women diagnosed with breast cancer. Egyptians can support Baheya hospital through donations, time and effort as well as word of mouth (Baheya Hospital). Over four years, Baheya has become a known name that Egyptians consider when they want to donate money or give out Zakat. Corporate sponsorship is a major block of Baheya's marketing strategy which helps to provide a sustainable support source for its activities. Juhayna and Oriental weavers are two of the main sponsors of Baheya. Although Baheya succeeded to sustain its brand uniqueness among the many NGOs that are currently spreading in Egypt, Baheya still faces fierce competition from these non-governmental organizations (NGOs) which are working hard to lobby for the cause they support. Although Baheya's Communication strategy had worked for the last 4 years, Baheya's marketing team is currently exploring if more could be done to pave the way for Baheya's sustainable future and for the organization to scale more effectively
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