The Dispersion of a Realm: Alumin for Trading
Ashraf Sheta:
Ibrahim Sedfy:
Loaloah Katamish:
Nariman Kamal:
Nathalie Bichara:
Toqa El- Nenaiey:
June 2020
Family Business
This case deals with Mr. Mostafa's entrepreneurial realm, and the journey he embarked upon in the early 1980s, by joining the Aluminum industry. It follows a series of phases and fluctuations faced as a business owner and chronicles his later efforts to disperse and divide his realm among his offspring. This case addresses major family business issues, including separation and dispersion causing dilution of wealth, as well as family disputes over governance, separation of ownership and management, and lack of succession planning. It is a case of tragedy, love, greed, quarrel, but above all: tenacity.
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