Utopia International School (UIS)
Esraa Darwish:
Farah Dewedar:
Manal Ahmed:
Mona Ali:
Nada El Sergany:
Sondos Allam:
April 2022
Operations Management
The case discusses the dilemma that Haitham Darwish, the CEO of Utopia international school, faced during the construction phase of the school. The school was initially planned to offer the highest quality in Egyptian education and to compete strategically with the big players within its area range. After conducting a quick market research, Haitham understood that people were not in favor of the location of the school which led Haitham to rethink his strategy and consider competing with other nearby schools. Having a solid background of Engineering and Business, Haitham quickly realized that he needed to put his knowledge into action. He gathered all the information available about the market, his main competitors, type of strategies implemented in the education sector and, the variables he needed to weigh in both strategies available. The case is centered around how to reach an operational strategy from scanning the environment, and how to use basic available information to choose between different strategies.
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